Franz Schubert      4 komische Ländler DV354
The music:

From the original handwriting I made a copy set for two violins.
The music is set with "Notepad" software.

You may use this music freely for your private usage.

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Schubert Vier Komische Ländler: Nr. 1
Schubert Vier Komische Ländler: Nr. 2 und Nr. 3
Schubert Vier Komische Ländler: Nr. 4

The music and recordings:

The music appeared as part of the complete Schubert edition in 1992:
Series 6, Vol. 9
(Bärnreiter Verlag Kassel).


Several recordings of the 4 ländler for two violins exist on the market.
As a perfect example I would like to mention the recording of the
Leipzig string quartett,
Complete Schubert quartet recording, part 8.


The two violinists of the Leipzig string quartet, playing perfectly, added an extra effect to the recording: They play nos. one to four and then repeat the no. three at the end.

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The music to 4 Ländler:

page 1: Ländler Nr. 1

page 2: Ländler Nr 2 und 3         

page3: Ländler Nr. 4

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