Franz Schubert      4 komische Ländler DV354

"4 komische Ländler" by Franz Schubert

The story:

In 1986 or 1987 I discovered a long-play record in a shop in Hannover, Germany. It contained duets for two violins. For some reasons I could not decided to buy this record, but one piece of music had attracted my attention: "4 komische Ländler" by Franz Schubert.
To make it short, I regret to have not bought this record and could not find it enymore in another shop.
What remained was the memory of the "Ländler" by Schubert, which caused me to start researching for this music.

4 komische LändlerThe department for music at the Austrian National Library gave first indications:
DV (Deutsch Verzeichnis) 354: "4 komische Ländler".
The reference to the new Schubert complete edition was a dead end, as the volume of the Schubert edition had not yet been published. Visiting the Mozarteum in Salzburg did not give a more promising result, but the catalogue contained a reference to the original handwriting: The library of the city of Vienna.
Some time later I visited the library and within a few minutes the original of Franz Schubert was brought to me. Two pages of handwritten music. It was a somewhat touching moment to hold the original handwriting of Schubert in my hands.

After studying the copy of the handwriting, I had two questions:

1. How does this music sound?

2. What is the meaning behind the attribute "komisch"?

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