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Whenever Violinists talk about Paganini, they soon will mention him. He has devoted a part of his musical carreer to the works of Paganini, which he performed many times on stage and which he recorded many times. But the works of Paganini are only a portion of the musical life of Ruggiero Ricci; he performed the whole classical repertory, most works from the romantic periode and many contemporean compositions as well.
His musical devices were his beautiful rich tone, his understanding of individual styles and his lyrical way of playing. No other Violinist has ever performed or recorded on record, CD, Video or DVD such a large Ruggiero Ricci.
(One exception was Jascha Heifetz, who recorded an uncountable number of works; he and Ruggiero Ricci would overlap a good deal but also complement each other perfectly.)

During the summer of 2005, Mr. Ricci came to Salzburg in order to teach at the "Sommerakademie" held at the university "Mozarteum". During his stay, Mr. Ricci gave an Interview, to R. Hattinger, which you can find herein the original wording.


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