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Biography: David Fjodorowitsch Oistrach was born in Odessa, the Ukrainian town on the black sea in the year 1908. His father was an amateur musician, his mother was a soloist at the opera house. As he told later, the violin was one of his earliest memories, he could not think himself as a boy without a small violin. At the age of 5 years he was given a 1/8 violin and started his first lesson with Pjotr Stoljarski at the local school of music

Short notes

Born 1908 in Odessa; first lesson with Stoljarski

Oistrach told later about this time: Stoljarski let his pupils develop to their individual skills and needs; he was accepted to the masterclass of Stoljarski at the age of 15. After playing the viola at the orchestra of the conservatory he soon took the position of concert master. The next step to his career were his first public appearances.
At the age of 15 masterclass of Stoljarski and first public concerts
From approx. 1920 onwards, Oistrach started touring the Sovjetunion and soon he played in fully booked concert halls. His first appearance in Leningrad (1928) was another step in the beginning of his career.
Touring through the Soviet Union
Teaching: 1934 D.O. took his first post as a teacher at the Moscow conservatory.
1930: D. Oistrakh gets married to Tamara, a pianist. Their son Igor was born in 1931
Begin of teaching, marriage, birth of son Igor
1930: First price winner of the Ukrainian Violin competition
1935: First price winner of the Violin competition of the Soviet Union.
1935: Second price at the Wieniawski-Competition in Warsaw (1.Price: Ginette Neveu)
1937: First price at the international Eugene Ysaye-competition in Brussels
Price winner of Russian and international Competitions
World war two: Oistrach had to play for soldiers and factory workers under sometimes difficult conditions.
World war two
Tours to western countries: Until the end of WW 2 there was no possibility for Oistrach to tour to western countries. After that time he was sent frequently to tours all over the world. When Y. Menuhin played in Moscow in the year 1945, he met Oistrach for the first time and their friendship lasted over all their years in spite of the borders between them.
1952: East Berlin(125. Birthday of Beethoven)
1953: Paris
1954: Western Germany
1954: First appearance in London considered to be a sensational success
1955: Amerce debut.
Oistrach at his top, tours all over the world
The years until 1974: From the time when the Soviet authorities permitted Oistrach (and other soloists) to travel to western countries, the time schedule of Oistrach was more than filled up with concert tours to the western countries, up to 100 concerts in Russia, teaching and later also conducting. Besides this he made numerous recordings of a very wide repertory.
Start of conducting
David Oistrach died in 1974 during a tour in Amsterdam on a heart attack.
Oistrach died in 1974