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Concerts in Austria

Various sources report about the worldwide and intense touring of Nathan Milstein. However, no figures or further data are known or - maybe not so interesting in detail.
This page summarizes the concerts which N. Milstein gave in Austria during the years 1957 and 1985. The author of this summary attendet these concerts and can present the programs and the repertory of Milstein's appearances at the annual Vienna Spring Festival and the annual Salzburg Festival. The Vienna Festival is organized one year by "Wiener Musikverein", the other year by "Wiener Concerthaus", the two great concert societies. Milstein was only invited by the Wiener Concerthaus, not by the Musikverein.

The overview may not be complete but it should give an impression of concert programs, recitals and orchestral concerts given in Austria during that time.

Milstein gave his "regular", annual solo-concert, also besides the Vienna Spring Festival playing in the practically sold-out concert hall. He had "his" audience or community in Vienna as well as in Salzburg.Milstein played either the Bach Solo works or recitals with piano with various programs.

Salzburg Festival 1957: The legendary Concert of August 4th, 1957Milstein CD Orfeo C400951B in Salzburg has been recorded and is available on CD. Milstein played Bach (BWV 1001, BWV 1004, BWV 1005). (After the Concert he played three more pieces, after an applause which lasted more than half an hour. On many occasions Milstein was only prepared to play after the official part, when the audience did not want to let him go, applauding constantly for 30 minutes or even more.One of the favorite Bach extras was the "Preludio" of the Partita Nr. 3 in E major.

Salzburg Festival 1961: The Concert was given at the "Mozarteum". again "only Bach".
Milstein played BWV 1001, 1004 und 1002. The press-review of this concert was written by Rudolf Klein

Salzburg Festival 1963:
Concert on July 31st at the "Mozarteum", Salzburg.
Program: Nathan Milsteinaccompanied by Walter Klien played Sonatas: Vivali, Sonata in
D-major, Bach, Solo-Sonata in g-minor, Mozart, Sonata KV 296; Brahms: Sonata op. 108.

Programm 2.Aug. 1963Concert on August, 2nd at the large Festival Hall:: Brahms: Violin Concerto op. 77
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker, Conductor: Zubin Metha


1965: Vienna Spring Festival: Recital at the Konzerthaus-Saal; Nathan Milstein and Eugene Bagnoli played Vivaldi, Bach, Paganini und Brahms.
Extras: Paradis (Siciliano); Ries (Moto perpetuo); Gluck (Melodie); Bach:(Präludium in E )

1970: Recital at the Wiener Konzerthaus; Nathan Milstein and Rudolf Buchbinder played works by Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.

Vienna Spring Festival 1971: Violin Concert by Brahms, op. 77 as part of a Brahms cycle.
Orchestra: Wiener Symphoniker. Conductor: Horst Stein,

20. Jänner 1972, Wiener Konzerthaus:
Nathan Milsteinwith aSolo-recital: Bach and Paganini.
Press reviews of this concert stated, that no other Violinist except N. Milstein would have dared to play Bach and Paganini in one concert.

Vienna Spring Festival 1973:
Nathan Milstein played theViolin Concerto op. 61 by Beethoven on the15th of June.

This Concert comprized works by Bartok, Mozart and Beethoven. Orchestra: Wiener Symphoniker conducted byHorst Stein.
On June, 17th Milstein and G. Pludermacher gave their legendary recital at the large hall if the Konzerthaus.

Vienna Spring Festival 1975:
Concert of the Wiener Symphoniker conducted by J. Rudel on June 18th.
Program: J. Strauss, Ouverture; Karl Goldmark: Violin Concerto; Schubert: 5th. Symphony

1977: June 20th: Solo-Concert by N. Milstein as part of the Vienna Spring Festival
            This time Milstein played an all Bach program.


1985: April 24th: Bach-Concert at the "Wiener Konzerthaus":

This was the last concert, which Milstein gave in Austria

At the end of this concert Nathan Milstein came once more onto stage accepting the never ending applause
and "standing ovations" by his Vienna community.
Instead of playing more, he addressed the audience in his fluent German and said:
"Ich bin nach diesem Konzert müde, nächstes Jahr spiele ich mehr..."
("After this concert I am very tired. Next year I shall play some more...")
Unfortunately he was not able to come to Vienna the next year.

The press reviews to this concert Salzburger Nachrichten reflect the emotion and impression, better than the author could express in his words, which Nathan Milstein conveyed to "his" audience in Vienna .
top: Rudolf Klein in "Salzburger Nachrichten"
bottom: "Die Presse" both dated April 26th, 1985.



Press review following to a concert in Zurich, Switzerland, given on may 23rd, 1986:
Special attention and appreciation are given to the excellent technical play of Milstein which is musically beyond discussion in spite of his age.