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Recordings by Nathan Milstein:

This discography, which is in no way complete, is divided in following categories:

  1. Which recordings are currently (2001) available on CD?
  2. Most important recordings
  3. Early recordings
  4. Live-recordings. Especially important in the case of Milstein,because of the overwhelming impression of his live-appearance.
N. Milstein has recorded a very wide repertory of music of which only few could not be considered as "top" brilliant or lively.
In front of an audience, Milstein played with much more emotion and vitality than in the studio. This may be considered the real Milstein style. He needed the dialog with his audience.
Ths fact makes the few live-recordings so precious to all who had no chance to ever attend one of his concerts.
Because of so many duplicate recissues the overview of all his recordings is not really easy.
Original recordings are divided into the groups:
1. Recordings of Columbia in the USA 1936 and later. These could be called "Early Recordings".(All are Shellack - 78 rpm records)
2. Recordings of "Capitol Records" between 1950 and 1960.
3. Recordings from the year 1960 and later, issued under various labels.
4. Reissues of previous recordings belonging to "Legendary" or other Historical series.
5. Live-recordings from 1933 until the end of his playing, issued onCD, LP, Tape or Video.
6. A Complete Milstein Edition has not appeared yet.(year 2001)
7. "The Art Of Nathan Milstein" ( a 6 CD  box) with the most important concert recordings


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Recordings from 1960 onwards: go there...  
Video - Recordings: go there...  
"The Art Of Nathan Milstein" ( a 6 CD  box) go there...  
Concert Performances & Broadcasts 1942 - 1969 go there..