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The art of Leonid Kogan

The Art of Leonid Kogan

L.K. belonged to the best representatives of the great Russian Violin-School of the 20th century.
Not was he preceded by the fame of David Oistrakh, who was considered the most important and impressive Violinist of Russia.
I would like to mark a "hot tip" of the violinistic world, although well known to every enthusiast.
As soon as Leomid Kogan went on stage at the "Konzerthaus" of Vienna, all the insiders of the Vienna musical life were aware to participate in an extraordinary event.
"Technical perfection" (expected from all Russian Violinists in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century) was an attribute only on the surface for his playing. More important however
he was one of very few violinists able to command both interpretative insight and technicall skill to the highest degree
(Quote by Tully Potter, The Strad.)

Whatever he played sounded impressive, authentic and natural. Moreover, his play could touch your soul.


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