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Great violinists of our time:

Many violinists of the past century were of major influence to violin playing.

Fritz Kreisler, Yehudi Menuhin and Nathan Milstein deserve special attention:

Fritz Kreisler has enriched the music of the violin by his own compositions.

Nathan Milstein was of influence through the freedom of his sound and his noble and elegant style.

Russian violinists left us historic recordings with unmatched performances.

Leonid Kogan should be mentioned, who played many pieces of music better than any other violinist and was at his peak for many years.

Ivry Gitlis was inspiring through his timbre and his genius as a musician.

Yehudi Menuhin displayed an absolutely released, almost supernatural play, seldomly achieved by other violinists.

Gidon Kremer has enriched our repertoire by many new contemporary works relevant to every violinist. He created a new dimension of violin sound.

"I consider Jascha Heifetz the greatest violinist of all. His broad repertoire and his physical reflexes are unmatched in the world of the violin."

David Oistrakh may be seen as the king of the violin. His performance conveyed his sense of inner balance. Quietness and the rich, well-balanced tone, as well as his infallibility made him a unique musician.

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