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Stylistic changes in playing the violin in the past 30 years.

A new standard has been set with the emergence of digital recording technologies. The demand for perfection is much higher than 50 years ago.

"As a consequence the violinist has to compete with his own recordings on CD. From historic research and from authentical sources we know much more about the way of performing music of the past. Modern compositions contain very detailed performance instructions, thus narrowing the liberty of interpretation to a high degree."

The scores of Bach contain very few dynamic and stylistic instructions. It is mostly up to the performer how to interprete a certain piece of music.
Contemporary music on the other hand is full of detailed and often compulsory instructions, turning the performer into a kind of "performing machine" of the musical score. This does not encourage creativity and the limitation of the possibilities of interpretation is problematic.

Great music schools in the world have established their system in the world market. According to them only three magical words are enough to promise an international career: "great tone", "rhythm" and "good promotion"

As a consequence of this practise we are facing an impoverishment of personal style of interpretation.

Europe is still setting standards for interpreting classical music based on tradition and heritage, effecting the worldwide style of performance. As examples we should mention Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Heinrich Schiff, Andras Schiff and Sir Elliot Gardiner, in addition to Italian conductors.

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