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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

The nearest galaxy to our planet is the


At a distance of more than 2 million light-years this spiral-galaxy can be seen by the bare eye also under not ideal conditions.


This site, which has been named "Andromeda" describes the mythology and astronomy of Andromeda.
The main part of this site contains selected chapters on classical music and violin playing, besides literature (only in German language) and water color paintings. A personal selection had to be taken following the experience of the authors, any aspects of completeness have been disregarded.

The Andromeda-Site is therefore devoted to all the enthusiasts of classical music, violin playing and water color painting.

Descriptions and discussions on subjects of this kind can never be really completed, which on the other hand may attract the interest of visitors. Visitors of this site are invited to contribute with their knowledge and experience by submitting new aspects or additional material to the subjects of their interest.
Thus the present outline of this site could be seen as only part of multiple contributions by many people, forming a new totality.